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Bengal Best Carmen
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father is Baikal

mother is Bianca

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Product Description

A  wonderful bengal girl, Snow Lynx Carrier,  she has a very strong body and nice head,  a perfect tail, incredibly short hair, a big and close rosettes. Very contrasting.  For breeding or like a VIP pet. 

PKDef n/n, Pra- b n/n

Amazing personality!!!

Some  information you should know before  buying a Bengal cat in the Bengalbest cattery

All our Bengal kittens are ready to go in a new family not before 16 week. At the moment of delivery all kittens have all the vaccinations, veterinarian passport, a microchip, the health certificate made by our veterinarian, sterilization, a Pedigree by TICA or ENFI and also the contract with a health warranty.

Once you decide that you like our kittens,  and If you are ready to buy a bengal cat, you can do it, by making the 30% deposit

We make a worldwide delivery by ourselves( they fly in cabin without a lot of stress).

DOB 16.04.2019


male Baikal Bengalbest 

female Home hunter Bianca


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