The sheet marble pattern plays a crucial role for Bengal cat breeders. This pattern serves as a foundation for creating the distinct rosettes that are highly sought after in Bengal cat aesthetics. By carefully selecting and breeding cats with sheet marble patterns, breeders can work towards producing Bengal cats with stunning rosette markings that enhance their beauty and uniqueness. The interplay between the sheet marble pattern and the rosettes adds to the overall appeal and desirability of these cats among enthusiasts and admirers.
The four official types of marble patterns in Bengal cats differ in their appearance and characteristics:

Reduced Horizontal Flow:
In this type, the marbling is more subtle, with patches or swirls of color that follow a less defined horizontal direction. The pattern appears smoother and less prominent compared to other types.

Horizontal Flow:
This type features distinct, well-defined horizontal bands or streaks of color across the cat's coat. The marbling creates a bold and eye-catching appearance, resembling the flow of water.

Chaos Pattern:
The chaos pattern is characterized by a more random arrangement of marbled markings. The colors and patterns seem to intertwine and mix in a less structured manner, creating a unique and striking look.

Sheet Marble Patterns:
This type resembles large, solid sheets of marbling across the cat's coat. The markings can be more extensive and continuous, giving the appearance of intricate swirls of color that cover larger portions of the body.

These different types of marble patterns contribute to the diversity and visual appeal of Bengal cats, making each one distinct and captivating in its own way.