Bengal Melanistic 

The melanistic coat color in Bengal cats is a rare and beautiful shade of black. This distinctive look is due to an excess of melanin in their fur, making them stand out among other Bengal cats with different coat colors. Not only is this color unique, but it also adds to the Bengal's already stunning appearance. However, it's important to note that the melanistic coat color does not indicate a difference in health or personality compared to Bengal cats with other coat colors. The melanistic Bengal is truly a one-of-a-kind feline with a beauty all its own.
Why the Bengal cat can be black?
The "a" allele represents the non-agouti form of the gene that affects the coat color in cats. In a melanistic Bengal cat, the presence of the "a" allele affects the distribution of pigments in the fur. When a Bengal cat carries two copies of the "a" allele (genotype aa), it suppresses the agouti signaling and allows the production of eumelanin (black pigment) to be more evenly distributed across the coat, resulting in a darker and more uniform black coloration. This is what gives a melanistic Bengal cat its black coat coloration.