In the Bengal breed, Phasing came from wild felines.

the phasing period

Is there something that bengals have only while they are kittens?Yes, there is, a period called phasing, when the color and the fur changes, this camouflage ability is given to them by the nature, to protect the little kitten from bigger predators.
At the age of three-four weeks the kittens' fur and their color is covered by a thin layer of light gray fur through which the drawing can hardly be seen.
When they reach the age of three-five months their fur begin get clean and show their beautiful leopard coloring.
Already at around eighth months we can see more contrast and the rosettes are more outlined, bengals let us notice their beauty.
Phasing definitely ends at twelve months and that's where we see their gorgeous coat with rich colors and clearly expressed lines.
the phasing period of the bengal cat
Bengal phasing
Bengal phasing
La muta nei bengala