I think the phrase “cost of a kitten” is not entirely correct, since kittens are, first of all, a living heart, an invaluable friend and possibly a future member of your family. The price is most likely just the services that the breeder provides to your kitten. You can compare them with a beauty salon (selection work), control and competent support of a growing kitten for the formation of a strong immune system, a healthy psyche, proper functioning of digestion (which is the key to success for the natural development of all systems and organs), a nursery (where your child receives all basic social life skills). When you choose a nursery , school or medical institution for your child, you understand that his future depends on it. When you choose a breeder for your kitten, not only his future but also yours depends on this, since the cute kitten will grow into an adult cat with whom you will live together for approximately 16 years!
Each kitten is an individual who must be given proper care, time and attention! This is a set of services for which you pay.

Choose the best for yourself and your four-legged family members.

Bengal Best price

The price is depend on the certain kitten, personal characteristics and color,
And also on the type of the contract :
Marble tabby: 1200€ - 1700€
Spotted tabby:
Pet (neuter) around 1800€ - 2000€
Pet - show ( neuter kitten of the show class) from 2500€
Breed/ breeding show from 3500€
+ shipping charge ( based on the tickets price)
All kittens are ready to go at the age of 3,5 -4 month
The price includes:
The Pedigree, complete vaccines, microchip, health warranty for a one year, vet certificate and passport, sterilization ( in case of the Pet/Pet-Show contract)