Britney the bengal cat

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Britney the bengal cat
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father is Baikal

mother is Naomi

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Product Description

The brown Bengal girl with a nice contrasting coat, very symmetric patterns. Amazing personality!

Important information you should know before  buying a Bengal cat in the Bengalbest cattery

All our Bengal kittens can leave the cattery not before 16 week. At the moment of delivery all kittens have all the vaccinations, veterinarian passport, a microchip, the health certificate made by our veterinarian, sterilization, a Pedigree by TICA or ENFI and also the contract with a health warranty.

If you are ready to buy this amazing bengal kitten, you can do it, by making the 30% deposit

We can make a worldwide delivery( extra charge).

DOB 17.04.2019


male Bengalbest Thor

female Bengalbest Naomi


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