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I want to share my great passion the great love that lives in my heart. Nature is absolutely beautiful and I see in my cats one of the highest expressions of nature itself. For this reason, a very strong bond with our cats has developed in me and in my beautiful family ...... they give us so much serenity, joy and happiness. Just love them and observe, listen and indulge in their nature..... the game is done and the result will be pure harmony.
About Us
Our cattery appeared thanks to a child´s dream. First mine and then my daughters´! As long as I can remember myself I have always surrounded myself with animals and have always had a special fondness for

Bengal cats make you feel like you live in the wild but without the risks !

Our goal is to nurture and develop the brightest representatives of the breed with gorgeous color, predatory type and soft temperament.

That’s why we choose the brightest and most special cats for selection. You will find first-class examples of the Bengal breed in our cattery. Exclusive color, health and easygoing temperament are basic principles of Bengal Best.

Since a very early age our kittens are trained to use litter tray and scratching posts as well as to walk on a leash. Once you make friends with a kitten from Bengal Best cattery you may never drift apart even for an hour!

Bengal Best graduates live in different continents and in such countries as USA, UAE, Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Bali, Singapore and lots of others, we personally manage their delivery. Thus we can be sure they will be all right. ☺️


Here you can check our kittens from different couples, it will help you to create a clear idea which bengal best kitten you wish

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Check out our beautiful graduates. They live whole over the world. Maybe even in your city😉
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Bengal cat personality
Bengal cats are the best traveler
Bengal cats are unlike any other breed. These majestic creatures are not just simply felines, they are a feline force of nature. Their personalities are a mesmerizing mix of wild grace, intelligence, and playfulness. These cats have an unquenchable zest for life that is contagious to all those around them.
The Bengal cat Phasing
What does phasing mean?
Is there something that bengals have only while they are kittens? Yes, there is, a period called phasing, when the color and the fur changes, this camouflage ability is given to them by the nature, to protect the little kitten from bigger predators.
One or two Bengals?
Bengal cats are fascinating creatures.These felines are known for their liveliness, intelligence, and strong desire to interact with their human companions. Many Bengal cat owners wonder if it is necessary to have another Bengal as a companion for their pet. In reality, there are several reasons why it could be important to have two Bengal cats in the same household.
Travel with Bengal cat

We make a worldwide delivery, we prefer to make it by ourselves, in this case kittens travel to the new families without any stress and we can be sure that they will come healthy and calm!
Silver bengal cat
Silver bengal kitten
For those who cannot imagine life without animals and dream of opening a begal cattery
In this article, we want to open up the magical world of Bengal cat coloring to you. You will find important information about each color separately.
The bengal breed is very special and ots socisl structure differs from other cats. For this reasonwe have to build a different relationship with them.
Let's think about the information we hear everywhere;)
Do Bengal cats have a weak stomach?
Article coming soon
Travel with the Bengal cat
Don't leave your bengal cats close at home, the most
important for them it`s to be near to their humans
sure, the first time they can have a little stress, but its much
better than the stress which they have when stay at home
alone for a long periods every day
we all know that most cats do not like to travel, but only
because we never try!
Bengal cats are completely different, most of all they like to
be with their humans!
Sure, the first steps can be a little bit stressful, but they
have much more stress when they have to stay for a long
time alone! Don't leave your animals alone, they want to be
near!We should divide our best moments with our animals
sure if we love them!
Let's travel with our Bengal cats! It's funny!
Travel with Bengal Best
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